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Time: 24 min

Bad boy graffiti artist Sebastian Kross is finishing up his latest tag on a warehouse wall. Handsome bystander Kyle Kash is impressed by Sebastian's talent -- and more so by Sebastian's ripped body. Kyle wants a piece of that, so he pulls down Sebastian's jeans and uses his firm lips and deep throat to service Sebastian's huge cock, focusing on the sensitive head. Sebastian is turned on and wants more: he plunges his face into the crack of Kyle's muscled, jockstrapped ass. With his tongue, Sebastian wets the tight, pink center of Kyle's hole. Moaning with pleasure, Kyle is eager to take things to the next level. Sebastian sits upright and Kyle lowers himself down on Sebastian's throbbing meat. Sliding up and down, Kyle uses his ass to milk Sebastian's cock. They switch to doggy style. Sebastian's hips thrust rhythmically as he drives his fuck stick deep down Kyle's hole. Rolling on his back and throwing a leg in the air, Kyle yields to the stimulation of Sebastian's thick tool. Kyle jerks himself off as Sebastian fucks him; cum explodes out of Kyle's cock and splatters across his own chest and washboard abs. Sebastian stands over Kyle to give him a facial, and Kyle sucks the last drops of cum from Sebastian's cock.

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