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Hot and horny Latino Tiko is feeling worn down by work, and calls on ex-boss and fellow hunk Trojan Rock to get one of his men over for a nice relaxing massage. Trojan knows just the man for the job and sends bearded, hairy man Dolan over quick as a shot to work his magic on Tiko. Suited and booted and looking very sharp, Tiko gets his feet out for the massage and luckily Dolan is the perfect man for this, having a secret fetish for feet! Licking, sucking and almost spunking just as he plays with Tiko, but Tiko is soon taking control of the situation, playing with Dolan’s ass just as much, and Dolan would never complain about that! Flipping him this way and that, Dolan’s pink warm hole is up in the air and Tiko can’t help but fuck it until Dolan and himself can’t take anymore, both spunking at the same time, leaving a saturated Dolan and a happy client too!


Viktor Rom walks dressed in leather in a hotel and finds an open room and enters hearing moans from two males in jockstraps and watches them kissing, so they invite him to join them, and they pull down his pants to touch his cock and then they both suck it and enjoy his fat cock, so they open their asses for Viktor to fuck them, so they get on all fours and Viktor fucks each one of them, to later ejaculate on each muscled ass and they enjoy of the best sex

Amsterdam's stallion and his huge monster dick

Blond Sydney beach bum Curt Cummings is visiting the uninhibited city of Amsterdam and has hooked up with local Amsterdam stud Chris A’Dam for a vacation to end all vacations! Teaming up with the trusty cameraman Jack Jones, they get together for some small talk before getting down to the real business of deep throat fucking from Chris’ long shaft before Curt’s smooth hole is eaten out, ready for Chris to fuck hard and fast, letting his stiff dick disappear inside his play mate with an awesome underneath shot from Jack as he truly gets in close to show us how the Dutch like to fuck! Watching Chris’s hairy body work overtime to himself off, Curt moans out loud, loving the feeling time and time again of the long thrusts forwards and slow pulls back, giving us a great time to enjoy the sight of these two horny men fucking!!

Too hornier, the soldier loses control

Since weeks now, this military dude has been on a mission in the desert. All he has is a fleshjack to jerk off. Luckily his gay buddy is there to give him real holes to fuck. Nothing beats real flesh. Good gay men who are submissive to straight males are very useful for that : you always need one in the army. This one has a very soft mouth and a wide open ass. The military man will have a blast penetrating that gay bro.

Don't fight it bro, your ass needs it

Catching up with two friends by the canal, Jack knows some serious hotties, and muscled men Sergio, dark hair and beard, with shaven headed stud Fernand make a damn hot pair of fuckers we can’t wait to see getting down and dirty in their apartment! With some proper intense armpit licking, lapping up the sweat of the day from each other before moving to Fernand’s smooth butt which takes a lick then instantly 3 fingers from Sergio, we can already tell who the bottom is going to be! The tattooed hunk with inked script all over his heaving body is a real top fucker with an appetite to match his throbbing dick! Teased with heavy fingering, Fernand’s gaping ass is almost begging for more, and gets Sergio’s dick finally pushed deep inside him doggy style, letting us take in his own inked body whilst also getting the pleasure of Sergio’s dick working in and out of him until he shoots his load and Sergio flossing his fuck buddy’s face and chest with sprays of spunk!

Pumping Iron, Pumping Ass!

While lifting weights, sexy skinhead Nathan Price sees something to do that looks like much more fun that dumbbells, Ray Stone’s enormous cock!! Long, fat and with a massive mushroom head on the tip, Ray really has a perfect cock!! The thing is so thick it could easily be mistaken for a third arm!! The delight is clearly visible on Nathans face when Ray pulls his meat pole out of his sweat shorts, and he obviously loves having the whole thing slide down his throat, if his moans and own erect, throbbing dick are anything to go by!! Hairy bear Ray is more than willing to return the favour though, doing some perfect cock sucking of his own before giving Nathan exactly what he wants, a good hard fucking followed by a creamy climax!

Group fuck at the gay hotel

Sexy and manly guys come to this gay hotel because they know that besides the pool and the sun there are only guys who want to fuck there. 4 dudes meet and flirt. In an ordinary hotel they would just have a great conversation but in this hotel there are no boundaries and they make out, start jerking off and sucking each other off. It ends up with hot anal gay sex.

Alessio VENEZIANO fucked by the beautiful Andres IVANOFF

MACHO JIM is back and when he proposed us to film the beautiful ANDRES IVANOFF who was in Barcelona, we said yes immediately ! ! Seriously, look how sexy this guy is, active, dominating, and it's the beautiful ALESSIO VENEZIANO who will give his good hairy ass to the pornstar.... A top sex video with virile and masculine guys as you love them

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These guys are manly, they have a hot belly, are very natural and quite addicted to sex. Wanking scene or hot action on a construction site: let them cum ! The first segment shows us a nice dude addicted to straight porn jerking off in his bedroom until he cums hard. The second segment shows two straight looking men fucking like pigs on a construction site with some good ass eating and wild anal sex.

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Excellent night in this gay sexclub where there are tonight hot horny guys ready for anything. Everybody sucks and fucks. On display in the bar, the bottom have no shame and know their place : theyr are cum dumps. The top will be able to enjoy themselves, they only have to help themselves.

Believe me you will love my brushstroke

This customer is pissed off at the workman who is repainting his apartment. The worker is not intimidated and takes out his big cock. He is going to show that he has a very good brush stroke. The customer doesn't speak anymore and opens his mouth wide. He ends up getting his ass pounded and will become very docile and understanding with this worker from now on.


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