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The castle of perversion

In this castle everyone is overwhelmed by perversity. A young man is possessed by waves of submission and touches himself while a soldier is dominated by an androgynous man. It's all about cumming and there is no limit ! The young submissive gets lost in the intoxication of pleasure while playing with a cigarette and stimulating his ass. On the floor below, a beautiful soldier is trained by the delicious cock of a very top androgynous guy.

Hot gay threesome with the hairdresser

A handsome dark-haired guy goes to the hairdresser and starts getting seriously turned on by the hairdresser himself and his assistant. He gets a hard-on and starts a gay threesome. In this salon, things become quite hot : the hairdresser is a beautiful hairy bearded man completely obsessed with sex, with a delicious hairy ass and his assistant is a top with a magnificent dick. The client finds himself sucking cocks, eating ass and then fucking the hairdresser. Later, he is getting his own ass eaten and just can't stop moaning.


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The initiation of a young acolyte by a group of delinquents
The initiation of a young acolyte by a group of delinquents

First scene of the film GAMBERROS DEL BARRIO (the thugs of the neighborhood) by Marc Celtik, where we find the clan of the LOBOS, the bad boys of the hot districts of Barcelona, which initiates a new recruit by the ritual of the sexual submission to the bosses of the clan. Nando Rey, young rising star of the Spanish porn industry undergoes the yoke of a Thiago Monte and a Roc Barcelona, ruthless with the ass and the mouth of the young man. The initiation can begin!

Hot bearded dude : fuck my ass !

A friend of his sister offered to help him repaint his apartment. The guy is a super sexy bearded man and very quickly rather than brush strokes he wants to get some cock strokes. The bearded guy is clearly in for it and after a few blowjobs the male takes possession of his ass and fucks it with passion.

Hairy Bear Cub enjoying hot shower after work

This is Sebastian, a sexy hairy gay bear cub. Every night after work he likes to take a shower and jerk off under the water to relax. Tonight, he does it by showing off and we can admire his nice bouncy ass, his nice hard cock and his nice cum shots.

Intense and noisy Gay First Time

A beautiful male with a stunning body has recently experienced gay sex for the first time. A few kisses and a blowjob, that was all. Now he wants to know what it feels like to get fucked. He got himself a hung guy to ride his man-pussy. It's gonna be an intense first time!

Tailored Suit
Tailored Suit

this guy needs a tailored suit for an important occasion. and enlists the help of a fashion designer who, when taking measurements for the suit, stopped at his great package. where the measurements were much more interesting. the designer was fucked in every corner of his workshop

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Fucking the manager

Just another day or so at the office. The assistant takes the delivery man to the shed. He senses immediately that the guy is special. He gives him a dirty look. Soon, the delivery man unwraps his big dick and offers the assistant to suck it and get a quick discreet fuck. The assistant submits. But he makes noise and attracts the suspicion of his manager who arrives. The masks fall: the manager has a hard-on for what he sees. He can't hide it anymore, he shows his face: yes, it excites him to be on the ground sucking cock! He might as well go all the way and get soiled by the two guys. Fucked through every hole, the power man is obeying and taking dicks.

Testing the new recruit

A business man, tough at work, dominant and demanding, he expect his staff to perform at their best. Today he is testing the new recruit. Does he suck well? Does his ass taste good? Is he good at taking a big dick? All the above questions are about to get answered!

End of the evening with tattooed gay playboy

One man's misfortune is another man's happiness. This tattooed gay playboy came out of his party to take a leak but now he's locked out. A guy comes to his rescue and offers to finish the night together. He has nothing better to do so he says yes and follows him home. The host is going to be in heaven: this tattooed playboy is a blast. A beautifully muscled and sculpted body, a delight to lick, a nice hard cock and the cherry on the cake: the guy is a top and fucks like a God!