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Axel Max allows himself to get led into temptation when he shows up at Hector De Silva’s door hoping to proselytize him by teaching him the ways of the righteous. Yet the tables are turned once Hector kisses him passionately and whips out his thick dick. Axel, unable to resist, opens his mouth wide for Hector’s meat. Axel worships Hector’s cock like a willing disciple, making it clear to Hector that despite his beliefs, his craving for cock in his mouth and up his guts is too strong for scripture. As an expert, aggressive top, Hector is a god in his own right. He flips Axel over, pulls his pants down just enough to expose his firm butt, and gives Axel’s hole the fuck he’s been praying for before he anoints him with a shower of hot cum. Unrighteous will make you a true believer.


There's a lot of work to do but these 3 gay working men are horny as fuck and just decide to have a gay threesome. The top has in front of him 2 greedy gay bottoms. 2 gay sluts to pound.


Jessy Ares and Mario Domenech are in a bar and they're both totally horned up : they've been saving their hot loads for days ! Watch this hard manly gay fuck. Jessy's jeans are so tight he's busting out of them, the guys strip off and give us a tongue-led tour of each others rippling, untrimmed, unplucked, hairy bodies. From those sniffy armpits to those long, dark foreskins we don't miss an inch. With their sneakers still on , the guys get down to some wet rimming and cock sucking until Mario's ready to offer up his hard rump to Jessy's big dick, legs spread Jessy slides between his muscular thighs and up to his bulging bollocks in Mario's hot hole. This hairy hunk fucks like an animal and Mario's tight hole really takes some punishment. They fuck up a spunky frenzy, Mario bends over and grips a pillar as Jessy carries on ploughing his fuck-hole until he knows he's reached ' the zone' and nothing but nothing is gonna stop that creamy load from squirting all down Mario's hairy thigh.


Arriving late for work, Vinnie wants to make it up to Trojan in any way possible. On his knees, the bearded hunk is soon chowing down on Trojans rock hard dick, both guys overalls quickly disappear as they start the hardcore action there and then. Face fucking Trojan, he loves his face full of meaty cock and making Vinnie groan in pleasure as he services it fully. Awesome 69’s with as much deepthroating as these hunks can handle. Fucking Trojan good, Vinnie slowly slides into Trojan, letting him feel it go ever deeper, causing the butch man to moan out in pure pleasure as his ass is used fully. Vinnie’s punishment continues as Trojan slams his ass, getting them both to creamy orgasm!!


When a man is hard up for cash and has no options, he’s willing to do anything. Just ask Pietro Duarte. Working in Hector de Silva’s bar just isn’t paying the bills, so he decides to help himself to cash from the till. But what he doesn’t know is that Hector saw him steal the money on CCTV, and now he wants to get paid back. But he's only accepting one form of payment—sex. Hard Times give us Hector’s hard cock—busting out of his expensive suit—shoved up Pietro’s flawless round ass. As a studly, no-nonsense business owner, Hector uses Pietro’s sweet hole all he likes, bending him against the bar, hiking up his juicy ass, and pounding him for every dollar he stole. And Pietro loves it: his moans, groans, and the splashy cum he shoots all over the bar made stealing Hector’s cash worth the punishment. Hector shoots his own explosive cum fountain all over Pietro and the bar as well. These may be hard times for our studs but they make for a horny time for you!


What a morning coffee-run this is! With Scott Hunter flicking the kettle on in Jack’s very own kitchen, great pants on, buff abs chest and pecs on show, and sporting a tasty looking semi, he missed out on his bedroom wake-up wank, so jumps right to it as we watch him have one right there on the kitchen counter! Stripping butt naked, we are treated to close-ups of his chest, hairy legs and arms, and his thick uncut dick of course! Jerking himself into a hot and sweaty frenzy, the handsome Scott gives us the best spunky treat as he explodes over the counter and dripping with sweat.. tasty!


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Berlin Gay Sub worships fat gay cock
Berlin Gay Sub worships fat gay cock

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Trojan Rock and Jake Ryder are moving some heavy equipment and have managed to work up a sweat, but they're about to get even hotter ! Jake pulls off his overalls to reveal a taught, toned physique, with a nice thick coat of fur all down his torso! He's also got a big, fat bulge sitting in his pants, something that Trojan can't wait to get his hands (and mouth) on ! There's some good wet, cock-sucking action from both guys, before Trojan pulls apart Jake's firm, round buttocks and rims his ass. Trojan is truly dedicated to the job too, even flipping Jake upside down in order to give him the hardest tongue-fucking possible ! Then finally, Trojan roughly invades that perfect ass with his experienced cock and fucks Jake harder than he's ever been before. Roaring as he repeatedly hammers his dick as far as it can go, this is raw, animal fucking and it'll make you cum as hard as Trojan when he soaks Jake's sweaty chest with spunk.