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Gay farmers fuck the new recruit

Dumped by his boyfriend, a hot muscular dude decides to escape to the country for a new start in life. He packs his back-pack and goes looking for a job and a place to stay. He finds a welcoming place, full of gay farmers, willing to help him and take him on...He couldn't be any luckier, the workers are all built and extremely hot. During a strip-pool game the whole gang ends up naked and the new arrival is put to good use! For the fans of muscles and group sessions, this is a video you don't want to miss!

That Ass Though

Champ, a handsome black hung guy, has a real passion for good butts And he's got just the thing with this one: he throws himself to rim it, fuck it and breed it. He can't resist the call of a greedy hole ! It's so good to make a nice ass wet with saliva, feel your dick going inside of it, make the guy moan while you fuck him and then breed... Champ lets loose and the asshole is bursting with semen!

Gay Twink Military Fucker is always serving

Daniel Greene, a handsome gay military twink, takes his regimental buddy Johnny to a secret location to shoot a gay porn. With little time to spare, they fuck straight. Johnny has no time to wonder what he's doing there: there he is, with his sexy pal's cock in his mouth, being filmed sucking deep. Daniel's not one to dawdle, and he's quick to turn him over and fuck him hard. Turned on by the presence of the camera, handsome top gay twink goes all out and destroys his hole.


An extraterrestrial lands on Planet Earth to see how homosexual humans fuck. He comes across one hell of a specimen: Viktor Rom, who shows him how to breed an ass. Impressed by this earthling's ultra-heavy cock, the alien can't help but taste it, and can't believe how much bigger that big cock keeps getting. No doubt about it: Viktor is the best representative of gay human beings. He's going to fuck the alien and breed him to the max. He'll be stuffed full of semen and never want to leave our planet again.

How can I massage you when I want to fuck you?

This manly gay masseur has a hard time keeping it professional when he finds himself massaging gay porn star Craig Daniel, who shows up in a jockstrap. His divine butt drives him crazy and it soon becomes clear that Craig isn't here just for a massage... The two sexy males get excited and the masseur starts penetrating Craig and making him moan loudly. And it doesn't stop there: hornier than ever, Craig returns the favor and brings him to orgasm by pounding him to perfection.

Manly fuck for you

Max Duran and Mario Bennedett are in the bareback saddle and ready for some spunky, squelchy, steamy raw action with a lot of foreskin to nibble and adore. Max is of course as keen as ever, this guy must be our cutest and most insatiable bottom and this time he's a top, he just can't get enough dick! Mario is the man to serve up his own hot, tight, raw hole for some spunkalicious fun. The guys suckle on each others juicy joints until their delicious young dicks are standing up proud as flag poles then Mario's bending over, spreading and presenting his man-hole for Max's dark, dick. Yum so much foreskin, so much cum !

Face Down Ass Up

Champ Robinson knows that Kyle Ferris loves having a hot breeding. When Kyle arrives in his room, he makes it clear that he's going to fill him up. Kyle gets all excited and lets the boss pound him in any position he wants. He feels that his huge cock is going to bred his ass to the max and he can't wait. His hungry hole is going to be gorged with cum.

Damian Boss, back for a hot breeding

He's back! It's club-dicked hottie Damian Boss - I just luv that dick, imagine that stretching you on the way out, YOWZER, no wonder stunning cutie Rob banner is writhing in such ecstasy. Its Rob's first time at UKNM but he's obviously having a great time and Damian is SO turned on he cums in Rob's mouth - thats a hot moment, Rob sucking and working that dick until it blows in his face and Then straight after - our oversexed top slides the raw, cum dribbling tool up Rob's hot hole and pumps him red raw until he's CUMMING AGAIN - sliding the weighty meat out and hands-free jizzing all over his hot, gaping, freshly ploughed hole. WOW, now that's hitter than the pavements of hell! YUM

Chill man, we just want to fuck you

A vicious military man jerks off in front of a shy colleague. When a second horny guy shows up, the shy guy understands that both males want to fuck him. He, who doesn't dare to assume his cock's desires, is about to be invited to let loose. There's no need to be shy: the manly fuck of his dreams is about to materialize. A moment of unbridled sex, super hot and hard between men. Of course, the shy one is going to end up with his paws in the air, getting fucked hard. And he's going to love it!

Cock-Hungry Muscle Twink

Nate Grimes is a fuck machine: cute, adorable face, soft dry muscular body, thirsty mouth and ass. Handsome black top Tezjork Tez is going to take care of him. It's hard not to get a hard-on for Nate, who seems to have been born to suck males. He's a great cocksucker, gets his mouth stuffed to the teat and drools well. And his superb ass can take dicks for hours.

Markus Kage: born to be a gay porn star

Drew Dixon is about to give a porn casting to a certain Markus Kage. Little does he realize that he's about to meet a future star of gay porn and one of the hottest bearded doms around. When Markus opens the door, Drew is immediately impressed. He's so manly, so charming. Markus has big alpha vibes and when he undresses he reveals his powerful, muscular, tattooed body that smells of testosterone. Drew is going to love taking care of his dick and getting fucked by this male who was definitely born to do porn.

You will inherit my dick

Andy Star has just inherited a mansion and comes to the house with his notary, Pierre Alexander, to look around and sign the official paperwork. After signing, Andy asks if Pierre offers any additional services .. like accounting and perhaps some extra “work”. While Pierre may seem reserved at first, Andy knows that he’ll be up for it. And, the raw fucking and cum facial that ensues proves it.