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2 straight guys jerk off watching porn

2 straight guys spend the afternoon wanking on their sofa. A little porn and here we go: they take out their big dick and masturbate. A manly handjob moment. These two guys have no shame for each other and are used to cumming together. They don't touch each other, they just please themselves. One of them will have fun playing with a cookie on his big dick and will cover it with cum.

Guss makes the dark Wolf his sex object
Guss makes the dark Wolf his sex object

Guss (Gus Torres), known as the Lubric King, is informed of the arrival of agent Apolo (Apolo Adrii). He asks Wolf (Olf Rayet), his bodyguard, to look after him, but now wants to check the effectiveness of his electronic device that turns straight men into gays. Once activated, Wolf wants nothing more than to enjoy Gus's big, juicy cock and satisfy all his desires.

Builders work on their client&146;s ass

When you choose only young builders to work on a project you have to expect certain things...Like the group starting to fuck right under your nose...Young dudes with big cocks fucking like dogs in heat? Not a bad thing after all, especially when their attention turns to you!

A full load for the cute delivery boy
A full load for the cute delivery boy

A hot 30 year old Latino stud is pleasuring himself in the shower when the doorbell rings. No time to waist, he's expecting an urgent delivery. He opens the door and lets in a cute delivery boy. The man's hard-on is clearly visible under his towel and doesn't go unnoticed. When the boy turns around to hand out the paperwork to his customer he realizes the towel is gone and his eyes go straight down to the erect cock in front of him. He doesn't hesitate and fall on his knees to suck the beautiful piece of meat. How far will he go to keep his customer happy? Check it out!

Drop your phone, get some cock

When Champ gets home, he finds his buddies Ryan and Tigger on their phones playing games again. He suggests they drop their phones and play with his cock. Sex is a free game and so much more fun, especially with a huge cock like Champ's. Soon Ryan and Tigger are fighting to get it in their mouths and make the best possible dick-sucking score. Then one after the other they get fucked hard. The more bottom of the two even gets to play with 2 cocks.

Right on target

Eddy Ceetee cuts right to the chase and gets in front of Sergeant Miles to suck his thick cock. Sergeant gets harder with each slurp from the eager stud's talented mouth. Not an inch of cock goes unserviced as Eddy keeps Sergeant's cock at the back of his throat. When Sergeant is at full mast, he decides he wants a taste of what Eddy has between his legs. Sergeant gets on his knees and gags as he takes Eddy's big dick all the way down to his balls. Eddy wants to get fucked bad and bends over to let Sergeant open him up with his tongue. Sergeant happily eats Eddy's hairy ass and gets him ready for more. With Eddy ready for cock, Sergeant shoves his swollen dick deep into Eddy's hole with no boundaries and no barriers. He pumps away making Eddy scream out with every plunge from his massive dick. Eddy wants Sergeant even deeper in his ass and has Sergeant sit on the floor so that Eddy can ride his dick. It feels amazing plunging in and out of him and pounds just the right spot inside his ass that it makes him blast his load all over the floor. When Sergeant sees the mess that Eddy has made, he bends the stud over, blows on his sore hole, and licks it clean before kissing Eddy to give him a taste of jizz.

Virile Spanish Hunks Max Duran & Roni Yarz Get Wrecked by Martin Brute
Virile Spanish Hunks Max Duran & Roni Yarz Get Wrecked by Martin Brute

Max Duran and Roni Yarz, a couple of stunning virile Spanish studs, are in heat. In their hotel room, they're dying to get their asses thoroughly fucked. To satisfy their hunger for cock, they invite Martin Brute over. Welcomed like royalty by these two famished submissives, Martin watches the guys throw themselves on his thick rod for some truly slutty, arousing blowjobs. It's more than enough to give him a raging hard-on! Despite their macho looks, Max and Roni are certified cock whores with stretched, hungry holes. Martin can't wait to stuff them full and pound those asses like they deserve.The two eager bottoms are hoping for a grand finale: a nice big facial to seal this memorable anal session!

Dominated by 2 straight

This young gay man has followed two straight rednecks into their apartment, and they're treating him like he's got no balls! Very domineering, macho, they subject him to their big dicks. They're rough, they like to make gays grovel in front of their thick dicks. Deep throating is compulsory. They like their asses kissed. They comment. Their powerful hands take control. A moment of intense defilement.

The big cock that motivates you to exercise

Riley Mitchel has become addicted to gym and there's a reason for it: his coach is very sexy and hung PT Jay Landford, who motivates him by playing with his big cock during training. Sure, when you know that every time you go to the gym you're going to get to suck some big, delicious cock and get fucked, the motivation goes up tenfold. Jay is the perfect coach and a competitive athletic fucker who makes Riley holes cum in unlimited mode.


Viktor Rom has taken under his wing a tattooed 23-year-old guy who wants to build muscle. He takes him to the gym twice a week to coach him, and after each session they go to the hotel to fuck. The guy's already got a nice little ass, and Viktor likes to help sculpt it so he can get in there with his huge, juicy dick. After sport, it's important to get some good protein: after a good ass-fucking, Viktor lets loose his cum into the mouth of his obedient protegee.

Cum at the pool

Aaron Savvy is out lying by the pool taking in the sun when Nick Fitt gets in the water. Nick goes down for an underwater blowjob that gets Aaron revved up and ready for more. Aaron carries Nick out of the pool and puts him on a lounge chair before taking Nick's long hard dick in his mouth. All the action is driving Aaron wild and he takes it to the next step by rimming Nick's tight ass. Aaron gets it nice and opened up before he slowly slides his hard dick into Nick's waiting hole. Aaron builds to a frenzy as he fucks his buddy faster and harder. The studs switch it up and after riding Aaron, Nick mounts up for a final run. This time there's no holding back and Aaron pounds Nick's ass until Nick blows a geyser of thick creamy cum. When Aaron sees Nick's load, it pushes him past the point of no return, and he pulls out to shoot his load all over Nick's eager face.

Watch Me Take His Cum

Macho B Grant discovers gay candaulism as his guy invites another guy to fuck him in front of his lover. Macho B Grant just has to watch... And his boyfriend reveals the surprising face of a completely cock-hungry, vulgar guy who'll do anything to get fucked hard by a dominant stranger. A sultry situation, very sexual and hot.