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Tex gets his ass fucked at the Sauna IDM
Tex gets his ass fucked at the Sauna IDM

It's Sunday, mid-January, it's too cold to hang out in squats and parking lots... To get warm, Tex goes to the IDM sauna, a well-known Parisian fuck place where guys walk around naked and shamelessly show off not only their big muscles, but also their big dicks. It doesn't take much more than that to whet the appetite of the young tattooed man and to make him want to get his ass fucked on the spot. The place is frequented by guys of all styles, and today Tex is caught by a muscleman who is going to do his training in Tex's ass. Well warmed up and fucked in manly and powerful fuck, right on the spot, Tex will most certainly return to IDM more than once this winter.

I heard you have a very big cock Sir

A young gay guy asks one of his father's colleagues if the rumor is true: he heard that he has a huge cock. The daddy shows it to him and he is not disappointed. He's going to let himself be perverted. The older man asks him to show himself off and then drags him into three-way gay sex games with his submissive assistant. The young gay man will end up under the sway of this phenomenal male dick.

Sweaty gay men in the sauna

At the gay sauna, 2 daddies and a twink are relaxing, sweating and starting to feel very hot. One daddy and the twink get closer and it ends up in a gay threesome. The towel is quickly dropped, the men sucks cock and the twink and one daddy get fucked hard.

Dick at first sight

Madrid: an urban metropolis humming with activity. Viktor Rom loiters on the sidewalk, cruising the passers-by, when he sees Ramwey Reis approaching. Without breaking his stride, Ramwey turns his head ever so slightly to the right. Boom: eye contact. After a few more steps, Ramwey gives a look back over his shoulder. There's Viktor, following a few paces behind. Ducking into a doorway, Ramwey spins around and shoves his tongue down Viktor's throat. They retreat to a private rooftop with a sweeping view of the Madrid skyline. Ramwey slobbers on Viktor's fat cock and strokes his own massive meat. Viktor has a taste for ass, so Ramwey bends over to give him access. Stretching Ramwey's hole wide, Viktor slathers it with saliva, tongues the entry, and sucks hard. Ramwey moans, eager to get fucked, so Viktor lubes up his cock and pounds Ramwey's ass with deep, powerful thrusts. Ramwey spreads his cheeks, taking Viktor's massive dick to the max. They move from their standing fuck to the deck chair, where Ramwey gets drilled even harder. Stroking his cock, Ramwey blasts a gigantic load. Pulling out, Viktor adds his even bigger load to the sticky mess that drips down Ramwey's washboard abs.


At dawn, under the tent of a military section, 2 soldiers jerk off before sucking each other. When the sergeant arrives, he forces them to lick his dusty rangers and squirt in front of him.

Knall Hart

In a warehouse, a muscular young rascal treats himself to a moment of pure narcissism, caressing his torso and crotch in front of a mirror. Vulgar and sexy, the male stinks of cock from miles away. In a corner, a handsome blond man in his thirties is checking him out and, too excited, decides to join him. Did he like what he saw? Let him show it and suck it! All the way! The rascal is proud of his big cock and is going to go and hit him in the throat before going to play to plow the ball hole of the bearded blond, virile and extremely passive. How he fucking loves being fucked by a good, virile stud. He can fuck him up, don't worry about it. And if he wants to jump, the passive waits for it, lying down. One of them's going to get a little bit of juice...

Make me your slave

After a hard day at the office, Aday's boss' son decides to go ahead and write him a very specific note: Make me your slave. Aday decides to fulfill his superior's fantasies and turn him into his sub.

Fuck my ass right now

You know the story: you meet a bearded gay guy with a big dick, you don't even ask his name, you suck his dick and begs him to fuck your ass. And it's so good ! This stud enjoys a direct gay sex hookup with a hung and well-built male. Time for some hot anal pleasure on the couch.

used Deliquent

A delinquent has been sent to meet a film producer to avoid returning to prison. There's something he doesn't know: Mack only does gay movies and he knows the cop who sent him. Mack knows he's got the upper hand and he makes the poor dude suffer. He fucks his mouth, shove a dildo up his virgin ass and fucks him raw. To add to the humiliation he forces him to taste his cum!

Taste my 8 inch gay cock in your bathtub

Leonardo Di Manero is a lucky bottom : a 8 inch hung gay top arrives to give him his long and big dick directly in his bathtub. He will end up fucked hard and raw. But before that, Leonardo tastes the meat and worships it as a good obedient cocksucker. Once completely on fire, the bottom gets pounded quite deep.

My car. My cock

Addicted to jerking off, this dude's main treat is to have a good hand job in his car. And it's even better with a toy to fuck. His big dick files perfectly. A thick dick, very hard and full of cum.

My mate wants to watch me while I fuck you
My mate wants to watch me while I fuck you

Viktor Rom offers one of his best manly subs to fuck him in front of one of his peeping friends. The submissive says yes and lets himself be fucked in front of the guy who jerks off. Viktor is really a great friend ... and always a great fucker so he fucks the voyeur too. Pouring a lot of milk in their asses.