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Let's watch the game and I'll fuck you

Mitchell invites gorgeous bearded bisexual Nikol Monak to watch a soccer match at his place. Once the game's over, Nikol decides to fuck his gay buddy, who's just waiting for him. He knows that Mitchell doesn't even like soccer, and he appreciates that he's held out for the whole game in the hope of getting to play with his big cock. When Nikol kisses him and puts his dick in his mouth, he's ecstatic. And he's more than happy to let his manly buddy fuck him as hard as he wants until he squirts.

Falling for hot gay daddy
Falling for hot gay daddy

In downtown San Francisco, JJ Knight pedals away from the business school when he nearly collides with Connor Patricks. Luckily, Connor only has a few scrapes, and JJ invites Connor back to his place to clean up. Once inside, they take thing to the next level. JJ pulls Connor close for a kiss, which sets off an instant chain reaction. Their clothes come off, Connor drops to the floor, and JJ pushes his gargantuan member down Connor's throat. After rubbing their cocks together, JJ eats Connor's ass, using his tongue and his fingers to push spit directly into Connor's tight, pink hole. With Connor in doggy style position on the couch, JJ presses the head of his cock between Connor's ass cheeks. Once he's all the way inside, he starts picking up speed, stretching Connor's hole wide with intense thrusting. In one fluid motion, JJ picks Connor up and spins around, landing in a seated position on the couch with his cock still inside Connor's ass. Connor shows off his powerful legs, using them to lift himself up and down while riding JJ's megacock. With his rod filling Connor's hole, JJ reaches around with his right hand and strokes Connor off, causing him to shoot a massive load. JJ works his cock until his cum explodes all over his chest.


Delicious orgy between several males who decide to fuck and invite Viktor Rom to fuck and direct them. so, like a good captain, they have a great orgy where the bottoms open their asses and the tops fuck them hard and then each one ejaculates in their mouths and asses

Fuck me outdoors

A discreet manly dude comes to an open-air gay cruising area because he's in the mood for some guy-on-guy sex. He comes across a bearded guy who's going to turn him on in every direction. First the bearded guy gets down on his knees and sucks him off. This makes the male hard and hot, and suddenly he's turned around and the bearded man starts filing him down. He loves this situation: having his ass stretched out and getting pounded in mid-air, with the possibility of being surprised at any moment.

Last fuck before going to jail

Police officers Champ and Kannon get their hands on a delinquent and prepare to arrest him and put him in jail. But first they offer him one last fuck. The delinquent is gay, you can feel it, and before months of imprisonment and frustration, he's going to be able to cum one last time. Bottom, he's going to feast on the two dom agents who are going to set his ass on fire. It's not exactly legal, but the delinquent won't say a word after such a good cock-fucking. And he'll even get to watch the chief fuck his colleague. It'll give him something to jerk off to.

The Live-in, Part 3

House Boy Shane Jackson has decided that it’s time to invite Manuel Skye and Gabriel Clark into his mysterious living space for the third part of ‘The Live-In’ series. The couple are pleased to find that their house boy enjoys comfortable quarters with an exceptional view. Shane wastes no time in showing his hot gratitude toward the couple, and the trio finally indulges in an epic threesome fuck fest.

Now you'll understand why everyone wants to fuck me
Now you'll understand why everyone wants to fuck me

When legendary passive bogoss Griffin Barrows delivers a fold to pornstar Brent Corrigan, it's bound to get hot! Brent knows Griffin's reputation and wants him. He wants to see why all tops say they want to fuck him. As for Griffin, he's thrilled to have the chance to get fucked by one of gay porn's best-known twinks. They hastily undress and start kissing. Griffin uses his mouth to worship Brent's huge cock. Brent reciprocates by sucking him long and deep. Then Brent bends over and plunges headfirst into the bugger's ass. And indeed it feels extremely good, there's something magical about his bum that really makes your dick tingle. And the look on Griffin's face, so obedient and passionate, is just so damn horny!

I'm all yours, Officer

This police officer is impressive : tall, black, muscular. When he arrives at the home of a gay twink for a check-up, the twink trembles with desire. He'll do as he's told. Why did the agent come? We won't really know: he'll forget his mission, too horny by this obedient, small twink who quickly worships his enormous cock and does whatever he tells him. He's got a perfectly smooth, tight little ass that gradually opens up as he gets dominated and fucked. No doubt about it, this cop knows how to keep order.

Want me to ride your hole ?
Want me to ride your hole ?

Max Konnor called a 'Rideshare' that's still a few minutes away. He's in his towel taking a dick pic to send to a buddy when he accidentally sends it to his driver, Riley Mitchel. Riley gets upset and pounds on his passenger's door but when Max shows up in his towel, Riley decides to get on his knees and suck on Max's monster cock. Riley is up to the challenge of taking the whole thing down his throat and es and gags as he whips out his own hard dick to jack. Max wants to see if Riley is able to take it in his ass and bends the driver over to eat his hairy hole. That's all it takes for Riley to admit that he needs Max inside of him and he bends over even further to let Max stuff his ass. Riley is filled completely with cock as Max pounds his driver relentlessly. Max wants to switch it up so Riley can get the full experience and throws Riley onto his back to stuff his hole even deeper. Riley grabs the sheets in ecstasy as Max works up a sweat filling up Riley's stretched-out ass. Feeling Max's giant dick ramming his insides is what tips Riley over the edge and he blasts a load up over his head and onto his own face and chest. When Max sees Riley's massive release, he pulls out and feeds Riley his cum by blasting into his mouth.

Gay Glory Hole Fantasy

Thyle Knoxx has always fantasized about glory holes and finally created one at home. Getting fucked by a guy without seeing him: a fantasy that's finally come true for him! It's sexy Damon Heart who inaugurates the glory hole, revealing through the curtain his big fat meat, which is sure to turn on Thyle to the max. Simply worshipping cock, obsessing over it and getting off anonymously: Thyle loves every second of it, and the more he gets off, the more cum he craves...

When my roommate's balls are full

Rob Banner the sexy gay blonde is roommates with Ethan Wilder. Today Ethan's balls are full and he's jerking off in the middle of the living room. Rob's here to help. When your roommate flaunts his big dick like that you know he's hoping you'll relieve him. Rob loves Ethan's cock and enjoys sucking it to make it even harder. When it's at its hardest, he lets Ethan have fun with his ever horny ass. There's no doubt about it: these two roommates have found each other and are having a great time together.

Carpet Burns

Tony has been working for an apartment decorating firm for two weeks. He dicks around with two guys who are big, nervous rednecks. He's a little afraid of them, because they're short-tempered and spend their time putting him down. He really wants to keep his job, but he makes a lot of clumsy mistakes, which earns him a bad reputation among his colleagues. Faced with yet another mistake on his part, they take the opportunity to talk down to him. They explore his limits by giving him their cocks to suck. Tony complies without flinching, even giving his ass away. He behaves like a docile bitch, and the drunks love it.