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What a great idea! Jack built his own glory-hole at his place and made it available to all the cock-suckers in town. One rule applies: when you arrive, you get on your knees and start sucking whatever cock is presented to you. He's seen loads of passive dudes coming to use his place: young, shy, slutty, older, blue collar and business guys, married dudes, couples. This evening, there is a lot going on at his glory-hole! Check this out!

Arriving for an interview, two suited men exchange a few words before realising they recently hooked-up after a night in the local clubs. With time to spare, they rekindle past passions, making out right there in the waiting area. It's no time at all that they are both naked, and Matt's gorgeous thick dick is disappearing down Nathan's throat and up his more than hungry ass, perfectly wet after a deep tonguing from Matt. Bent over a chair, Nathan takes all of Matt from tip to hilt, making sure he won't forget him a second time!! Ass in the air, Matt pushes his cock straight down into Nathan's puckering ass, the sweat dripping form the muscular top fucker, ending up and a huge torrent of spunk from both men!

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Valentin is a young motivated intern learning the job in a fast-paced company. He aims to become a great salesman. Today to close his first deal, he uses his charms, his mouth and his tight little ass to convince his macho client. The boy knows what he wants and he's gonna get it!

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