Let me rim your ass
Let me rim your ass

Let me rim your ass

Gay video. Time: 20 min

Successful Brent Corrigan just bought a dream home: all it needs is a bit of remodeling for everything to be just perfect. Brent welcomes the sexy contractors into the house. After Brent heads out, Alex Mecum interrupts Dustin Holloway's painting for a high-stakes rim job. Dustin unzips Alex's jeans, liberating his massive, throbbing boner. Wrapping his lips around Alex's huge cock, Dustin reciprocates eagerly, spreading his warm saliva up and down Alex's shaft. Putting his legs up in the air, Dustin receives Alex's meat. Dustin's eyes roll back in his head as Alex delivers an intense doggy-style fuck. They're so focused on each other, they don't even notice that Brent has returned to the house and discovered their on-the-job affair. Brent retreats: he'd rather watch the hot studs get off than bust them for having a bit of fun. With Alex deep inside him, Dustin shoots a massive load across his stomach. Alex grabs his dick and jerks out a huge, spurting load onto Dustin's torso.

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