Life goal :  getting fucked by Austin Wolf every day

Life goal : getting fucked by Austin Wolf every day

Gay video. Time: 27 min

During breakfast at their modern mansion, Alex (Austin Wolf) is with his handsome husband, Tony (Beaux Banks). As Tony fiddles with his laptop, he discovers an email exposing Alex's seedy triste with Derek. The email includes the full video and provides instructions on how to get the video back. Tony reassures his husband that the two of them are in this together. He's turned on by the video and wants to show Alex that he can fulfil all of Alex's fantasies, kissing him as they begin peeling off their clothes. Tony gets on his knees and takes Alex's giant dick in his mouth and down his throat. When Alex is at full mast, he grabs the back of Tony 's head and face fucks him as Tony gags and spits and jacks himself off. Alex can't resist fingering Tony 's perfect little ass and gets him on the kitchen counter to lick his hole. Alex loves every second of it and buries his face as deep inside Tony 's ass as he can go. After one more hot face fucking session, the couple moves to the bedroom where Alex can't wait to slide his wet cock deep inside his husband. Alex gives in to his instincts and pounds the living hell out of Tony in almost every position they can fit on the bed. After Tony has been pounded into acceptance and is ready to dump his load, the two hunks lie back on the bed and jack off until their cocks ooze cum everywhere. After the bliss, Alex devises a plan to use The Fixer, who he pays to solve problems like this, take care of the situation, but Tony has other ideas about how to take care of the situation.

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