Very handsome manly athletic dude to pound
Very handsome manly athletic dude to pound

Very handsome manly athletic dude to pound

Gay video. Time: 18 min

Trojan received a call at "ToolBox" HQ. A personal trainer urgently needed some brushing up on his technique! Trojan knew exactly who to send to ensure the customer was truly satisfied! Spanner (Gio Cruz) was just the man for the job! He ensures that Gio knows the company commandments, and sends him off to do what he is best known for - Fucking like a drill! When Alec arrives at the ToolBox HQ gym, Gio finds out that Alec has not brought any gym clothes. "Not to worry", Gio exclaims, with a glint in his eye "You'll have to strip to work out. Jocks and socks are OK by me!" And of course it is, as Gio can't believe his luck when he sees the lean hairy body of Alec and his cock is quick to react. Alec plays the situation well and lets Gio make the first move. But as things get hotter, and the work out "harder" Alec, just as to be expected by a power bottom, quickly takes the lead as he needs a work out to remember. The guys kiss each other for a while and then Alec goes down and swallows Gio's huge throbbing man meat. Alec loves it, and eats Gio's huge hard cock with a hunger! Gio lets Alec work his meat until his hunger is so strong that he flips Alec and starts eating Alec's hairy ass. Having worked his tongue in Alec's sweet hole for quite a while, Gio needs more, and he takes Alec from the back and turns him on his back before fucking him hard and deep. Wanting all of Gio's enormous cock, Alec groans wildly, before shooting his sweet white load of man milk over his belly and chest. Gio pulls out, and returns the favour, by delivering a massive amount of cum over Alec's hairy cock and balls. Gio, remembering Trojan's company motto of fully satisfying the customer; bends over, kisses Alec and tells him: "You should come work for us, you're very good". Maybe he just might.

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