Dodgy Fuckers
Dodgy Fuckers

Dodgy Fuckers

Gay video. Time: 23 min

Cruising the estates for some straight dick, Issac Jones is one of the most beautiful men ever seen on film, dark hair, dark eyes, hot stubble and a ripped torso, covered in an awesome tribal tattoo. Spying a hot fucker walk past, and giving off all the right signs for our handsome man, he follows him upstairs where he’s waiting, topless and dick out, and fucking hell is it a dick!! Massive, hard and waiting to slide down a throat, and with a tight toned body. Both guys here have perfect bodies, smooth, six-packs, pecs you just want to bite, not to mention gorgeous dicks you just want inside you and hungry holes you just want to lick and get inside of!! This scene will drive you crazy and there will definitely be steam coming off your screen as the hot fuckers get down and dirty with one another. Watching Issac stick his tongue deep into the squatting Jake’s hole is pure heaven, and as Issac proceeds to fuck, his already buff body working up a sweat as his twists and pounds, both musclebound studs get hotter, hornier and sweatier than ever before, leaving them, and us, completely covered in sweat and spunk, breathless from the intense orgasms had all round!!

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