THE THUGS - Top video!
THE THUGS - Top video!

THE THUGS - Top video!

Time: 12 min

Viktor Rom and Roque Rems are gangsters looking for money and asses, so they arrive at a hotel room and they go in and find André Cruise, this man gets scared when he sees them. so he gives them the money but Viktor looks at his ass and tells him that they are going to destroy his ass, so Roque Rems pulls down André Cruise's pants so that Viktor Rom sucks his ass and then penetrates him and lifts him with all his might the forces pushing the cock and making him scream, then Roque begins to fuck him and inserts his cock mercilessly and then double penetrates him and they both decide to ejaculate in André's ass, this male after being fucked and ejaculating; he starts pouring milk and drinking it from his ass

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