Final Fuck of the day!!
Final Fuck of the day!!

Final Fuck of the day!!

Gay video. Time: 23 min

En route home, Kurt picks up sexy Dillon Buck, a Brit hitchhiker who’s more than willing to repay his driver any way he wants. With such a handsome hairy dude in his car, Kurt’s never one to turn down a potential fuck, and Dillon is no exception. Hiding quite a package between his legs, Dillon’s weapon is soon aimed right at Kurt, and he gets it down his throat within minutes!! Wanting to fuck more than face, Dillon turns Kurt 180 and eats ass and dick, pulling it back to have them both together. Pulling him down to bounce on his cock, Kurt slowly takes it all, grinding down and feeling every inch inside him. Unleashing his load over Kurt’s face, Dillon gives him a final soaking of the day, finally sating him, for today at least.

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