Bare Bathhouse
Bare Bathhouse

Bare Bathhouse

Time: 23 min

A white towel barely covers John Benner’s throbbing manhood as he stretches out in the sauna. His smooth, muscled body is on full display as sexy, lean hunk Dick Aprillo who comes from the shower, sits down on the bench next to him. Sensing John’s presence, Dicks’s hand grazes past his nipples on their way down to his crotch, stroking John’s stone hard cock. Dick also shows off his enormous manhood as he leans over to swallow John’s cock. As John’s cock massages the back of Dick’s throat, Dicks’s cock starts leaking precum in a long, dangling strand. Eager to get a taste of that, John goes down and wraps his lips around Dick’s cock while stroking himself. Eager to join the action Javi Carcia jumps into the sauna and starts sucking John’s raging hard-on. The three studs take turns kissing and sucking cock until Dick gets on his knees and insatiably sucks the two throbbing cocks at the same time. Getting to the shower, John bents over and lets Dick slide into his pole, while sucking Javi’s cock at the same time. Javi cannot resist the temptation and switches with John, letting Dick pound his manhole also. The studs finish up the threesome covering John’s pretty face with a lot of hot, sticky cum. Directed by Nick Mazzaro

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