The secret chamber

Time: 21 min

There is a new gym open in town and Paco is one of the first in line to get the full tour by owner Antonio Miracle. The facility comes fully equipped and at just the right price but when Paco decides to wander off and explore on his own, he quickly discovers just how fully equipped it is. There is a secret sex chamber in the basement, potentially off-putting for new clients. Antonio pleads with Paco to keep this info on the down low but he knows all too well that silence always comes at a cost. What better way to keep Paco quiet than to shove a fat cock in his mouth. Antonio Miracle gives Paco the pounding of a lifetime, loosening his shirt and tie just enough so that he can remain presentable for incoming clients. He closes off this deal on the sex swing, leaving a thick deposit all over this hairy muscle daddy's beard. Let's hope that's payment enough. Get ready for ‘The Secret Chamber’ exclusively at

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