Making it big: the Roommate

Time: 20 min

Part two of our Making It Big series catches up with rising actor Damon Heart at his flat. In this episode, Logan Moore plays Damon’s roommate. When Damon borrows Logan’s suit for an audition without asking him, Logan is a little pissed off, but also turned on by the site of his mate dressed up. Damon asks Logan to run lines with him, but Logan has other plans in mind. After some not-so-subtle flirting, Logan pulls out Damon’s cock while he’s strapped to a chair (it’s all part of the script) and gives him a deep blow job. After that, it’s Damon’s turn to go down on Logan; his mouth drips all over Logan’s stiff cock, gulping down on each inch. Things go from hot to hotter when Logan buries his face in Damon’s juicy ass, losing his wet tongue in Damon’s massive gaping hole. He bangs his mate deep and long before each of them shoot a huge, sticky load. With another fuck to his credit, Damon climbs another rung on the ladder to fame. Check out Making It Big: The Roommate for a fuck you won’t forget.

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