Fixed and Fucked

Time: 17 min

Getting quotes for work is always an opportunity to see how much you are getting fleeced, but when Yohann presents an all-inclusive quote, Antonio can only jump at the opportunity and make sure that EVERYTHING is included. He squares up to the workman and soon Yohann is on his knees liberating Antonio’s pulsating cock from his trousers. Antonio face fucks him and rams his dick down his throat while reaching down and tasting the man’s ass with his fingers. Antonio pulls him up and sucks on Yohann’s cock before bending him over the armchair and working his hole with his tongue and fingers. He then fucks him standing up, taking him from the back and burying his cock deep inside him. Antonio is a hard fucker and likes to ruin an asshole, so he pushes Yohann down to the floor and hard fucks him before getting up and wanking over Yohann’s face. Yohann cums first and shoots on his own leg and Antonio unloads a big cumshot all over Yohann’s face and chest.

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