The urge pound that butt

Time: 24 min

Sean Zevran is on his knees blindfolded and locked in a cage hidden in the shadows of the seedy sex club. Super hung Valentin Petrov takes advantage of Sean's vulnerability and thrusts his hefty bulge into Sean's face. Not knowing who's on the other side of the cage, Sean caresses and appreciates Valentin's ripped physique before taking his fat uncut cock down his throat. Sean swallows Valentin's cock whole and gives him a sopping wet hummer. Still locked in the cage, Sean surrenders the key that releases him to Valentin. Valentin opens the cage door and pulls Sean out by his harness only so Sean can worship his massive meat even more. Valentin returns the favor and goes down on Sean's uncut cock then pushes his legs back to eat his scruffy hole. Once Sean's hole is lubed up and relaxed, he gets on all fours while Valentin eases his hole­stretching dick into Sean's muscle butt. Switching positions, Sean is on his back again with Valentin going full force drilling into Sean's asshole. Valentin keeps pounding until Sean shoots his warm thick load all over his burly abs and chest. Valentin pulls out and unloads on Sean leaving him completely covered in both of their cum.

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