Labyrinth of sex

Time: 25 min

Sounds of sex echo from a dark room where Dorian Ferro is worshipping Sean Zevran's body. Sean's black mesh body suit tightly sheathes his sculpted physique. It has an opening for his balls and cock, which Dorian slurps noisily. Mirrors multiply their images so many times, you can't tell which is real and which is reflected. Backless latex briefs showcase Dorian's scrumptious glutes. The muscles of his back ripple sinuously as he moves his body continuously to better suck Sean's uncut meat. Dorian's free hand spreads his own ass cheeks and stretches his hole. Sean unzips; his torso is covered in a dense, dark mat of fur that attracts Dorian's hands like a magnet. Sean pushes him against a mirror and eats his ass, which writhes and gyrates with a life of its own. A hall leads to another dark chamber with a fucking platform where they leave their clothes behind and connect, cock­to­ ass. Raw sexual energy emanates from them in waves. Their muscled, hairy chests glisten with sweat. Sean's cock pours cum as Dorian catches it in his mouth as his own load rockets forth.

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