Fuck Hole

Time: 20 min

Sean Duran is an edgy stud with badass tattoos and a confident swagger that manifests right away as he leans back on his elbows to confidently watch Tyson Tyler suck him with vigor. The oral service makes Sean's nipples are glass­cutting hard and his stomach crunches in reflexive pleasure. After enjoying the warmth of Tyson's hungry mouth, Sean eats Tyson's sweet fuck hole like an animal. Once it's lubed and basted with saliva, Sean's cock slides in swiftly as he can't wait to feel Tyson's ass swallow and engulf his dick. Sean powerfully pumps his cock into Tyson ass. After an energized first round, Tyson flips onto his back so the two studs can explore every inch of their flesh with even more steamy intimacy. The new position showcases Tyson's high, round bubble­butt and beads of stick sweat collect in the hollow of his throat as his ass clenches hard around Sean's driving shaft. In an explosive climax, Sean grabs Tyson's cock and it spews white juice onto Sean's chiseled chest and abs. Sean pulls out his cock and then feeds his load to Tyson.

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