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Gay Threesome at ancient Roman Baths

In the dark hall of the ancient Roman baths lust knows know bounds, dirty-blond stud Ace Era stands between Tex Davidson and Teddy Torres. Sinking to his knees, Teddy wraps his lips around Tex's massive cock. Tex thrusts his hips, driving his meat deep down Teddy's throat and showing off his ripped torso. Ace takes Teddy's place on his knees in front of Tex's dick. As Tex and Teddy make out, Ace alternates between sucking each of their cocks. After fulfilling his oral obligations, Ace turns around and spreads his ass apart, and Teddy and Tex take turns eating Ace's hole. With Ace's ass ready for pounding, Tex steps up and rams his meat deep inside. Crouched in doggy style post, Ace moans and grunts as Tex gives him the ride of his life. Turning on his back, Ace jerks his cock as Tex pounds heavily against Ace's prostate. Reaching the climax, Tex shoots his load across Ace's dick and balls, and Ace simultaneously splatters his cum across his rippling torso.

Hot Gay milk from the beautiful farmer

Tall, athletic and good looking: this gay farmer is a gem and he is also an excellent fucker. Here he is getting sucked and fucking a mate in his barn. Discreetly but passionately the two boys enjoy blowjobs and anal gay sex. Let's have some hot dude's milk.


Viktor Rom knows that his sub bottom buddy Pepe Yakuna loves big dicks. He makes him happy by bringing his hung mate Amir Fuxxx. The 2 gay machos want Pepe to get double pounded. Just the idea makes Pepe's ass wet and he is as always very greedy. Super horny, he advances towards the alpha males by crawling, showing his submission and sucking directly their meat. Amir is super hard and quickly goes to fuck him then lets Viktor have fun in this good open hole while the bottom one sticks his submissive mouth back on Amir's big juicy cock. There's no doubt about it: Pepe is used to get hardly fucked. He'll get double pounded by the tops with ease and come back for more!

Eric Nero, super hot versatile gay dude

Eric Nero strokes his massive meat, but has to tuck it into his pants when the doorbell rings. Architect Bruce Beckham eyes it immediately: “Is that why they call you the Big D?” he asks. “Sure is,” answers Eric. “Wanna see it?” Bruce is wide eyed on his knees as Eric’s huge cock pops out. He devours it (“Choke on that dick!”) before Eric sucks the muscle man’s beast back, spit dripping from his beard to the floor—and his own bicep. Bruce sucks Eric again before fucking him. Eric slaps his boner on Bruce’s abs as he gets plowed, then fucks him back—his balls banging Bruce’s ass. Eric feeds Bruce’s cum to him, then shoots on the bottom’s fat cock.

Loosing the game, worshipping the gay cocks

A handsome young man has been invited to a roulette game in a private club. He loses and understands that here the losers become gay sexual slaves. The group of men is here, ready to educate him. At first shy, he awkwardly undresses and crawls to suck his first cock under the vicious looks of the other guests. Quickly surrounded by very hard cocks, the young player discovers submission and the vertigo of being completely dominated by men. He is going to be fucked in all the directions and taste pure ecstasy.

Bony, hard-working and devoted assistant, Nicholas' juice pump
Bony, hard-working and devoted assistant, Nicholas' juice pump

In this second part of the film "Barcelona, My Love", we find Bony (Bony Babyron), Thiago's assistant, hardworking and devoted. To satisfy Thiago's partners, he is ready to give his mouth and his ass to the dark Nicholas (Nicholas Bardem) who wears the tie perfectly. This dominant boss will turn little Bony into a good juicy bitch.

What Are Friends For? - 47 min

With his most recent relationship crumbling, Michael Del Ray recounts all of his laments about his girlfriend to best buddy Lance Ford over a couple of drinks. Michael asks Lance if he has the same problems with the guys he dates, and Lance tells him that there's heartache on both sides. 'Yeah,' Michael counters, 'but I hear at least guys give better head.'With that, Lance seizes the opportunity to cash in on a fantasy he's harbored for years, and that's to have Michael's meaty cock all to himself.

Alphamales XXL

We have Lucio and Scott enjoying each other bodies on the bed – fast forward to the bit where Scott takes Lucio’s cock out and starts sucking it – press PLAY – and play he does.. He runs his tongue up and down that shaft, he teases the head and caresses the balls; he downs that monster in one and he gasps for air. Lucio relaxes and really enjoys the view but he is not one to sit back and think of Venezuela. He has his eye on Scott’s English pink asshole and he knows it would look good around his cock. But the boy needs to be prepared first. He feels Scott‘s heat on his fingers and soon he wants to feel that welcoming true English rose on his lips. He works his tongue in, out and around it, lubing it and making it for the taking. Finally plunging his cock inside Scott, Lucio wastes no time in starting to fuck him. As much as Lucio loosed up his hole nothing could prepare Scott [or you] to have that massive cock plunged into you in one seamless motion. Scott’s eyes start to water, he breaths fast and shallow. He grimaces and grins until he finally lets himself go and starts enjoying the ride of his life. Lucio pleasures himself with Scott; taking him for the back, the side and the front, until he explodes on Scott’s face and mouth; a mouth eager to taste every last drop of cum the latin hunk has to offer. So big is his hunger for cum that Lucio scoops up Scott’s own cum, shot on his chiselled abs, and feeds it back to the very hungry power bottom

3 gay scruffy pigs

Illuminated by the neon glow of the tattoo parlor's sign, Draven Torres, FX Rios and Derek Parker don't mince around waiting for a reason to fuck. They're all tatted-up, bearded studs with big dicks, huge muscles, and sex on the brain. FX fills Derek's mouth with uncut cock while Draven looks on, kneading the bulge in his jeans. Draven pulls out his cock and pushes it into Derek's face, jockeying for space next to FX. After some aggressive kissing, Draven drops to his knees and takes his turn sucking FX's cock. Shirts come off, revealing even more tattoos and piercings. Draven opens wide and jams both cocks in his mouth at the same time. Upping the ante, FX and Draven take turns eating Derek's ass and fucking his face until Derek submits his hole to their cocks. The sound of flesh slapping flesh reverberates off the walls of the dark alley. While Derek's still getting fucked by FX, Draven moves to the front of the line and sits on Derek's cock. Switching it up again, Derek takes a turn drilling Draven's hole before all three splatter the alley with thick streams of cum.

Hello, do you want my cock ?

Francis spends a few days in a bed and breakfast. Last night he shared his room with a handsome dude. When he wakes up, he is surprised: the stud is next to him and has a hard-on. He wants to give him his cock. Francis is not going to refuse this gift and will gladly unwrap it, taste it and absorb it with his holes.


Meet Blue O'Neil, a ginger gay bear. Long red beard, hairy body, natural charm, he loves being naked and exposed. Blue will show us how easily his cock gets wet. Pre-cum is his thing and so is stroking his dick. He's going to have a lot of fun making us hard.

Come have a drink and some cocks

When these friends meet for a drink they know that the drink is a pretext and that very quickly one of them will take out to launch a hot gay orgy. The harmless conversations and smiles are followed by deep blowjobs, french kisses and ass-filling. They are all young, muscular, beautiful and addicted to sex. A moment of libertine and unshamed pleasure between friends.