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Covered in hair, tattooed Edu spies hunky Uncle John in the woods, and the cruising begins instantly. Feeling themselves up, and getting their delicious cocks hard, they walk over to each other and get down and dirty in the great outdoors. Both these guys are really into each other, tasting, licking and sniffing each others muscular bodies until John yanks down sexy Edu and forces him to swallow his dick!! Pumping his cock into John, Edu works his buff body into a sweat and then gets his face coated in fresh cum!!

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This red-haired man with a beard goes to his barber and feels that he is very horny today. He gets on his knees and shows him that he wants his cum. He sucks it like a starving man and then quickly settles on the chair to arch his perfect muscular ass and get fucked hard. A handsome bottom man who knows what he wants... and who takes it well and deep.

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Soft and handsome Josh Milk follows Hector De Silva to the countryside and he suspects that at some point Hector will overpower him and blow his ass off. And that's what happens. True to his reputation as a frantic fucker, the handsome bearded man grabs Josh, gets him to suck it, licks his ass and drags him into bed to fuck him missionary with a demonic intensity. With his feet in the air, Josh gets filed very hard and writhes in pleasure. He could take it in his ass for hours.

Don't jerk off alone I'm here

Super horny, this guy pulls out his dick and jerks off on a construction site. A gay worker bump into him and offers to fuck him instead of jerking off. The guy is a little bit bi and takes advantage of this hot gay guy to fuck his mouth and his ass. But then the gay guy turns him around and fucks him. Too late to pull out and back in: his ass likes it too much.

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We have Lucio and Scott enjoying each other bodies on the bed – fast forward to the bit where Scott takes Lucio’s cock out and starts sucking it – press PLAY – and play he does.. He runs his tongue up and down that shaft, he teases the head and caresses the balls; he downs that monster in one and he gasps for air. Lucio relaxes and really enjoys the view but he is not one to sit back and think of Venezuela. He has his eye on Scott’s English pink asshole and he knows it would look good around his cock. But the boy needs to be prepared first. He feels Scott‘s heat on his fingers and soon he wants to feel that welcoming true english rose on his lips.  He works his tongue in, out and around it, lubing it and making it for the taking.  Finally plunging his cock inside Scott, Lucio wastes no time in starting to fuck him. As much as Lucio loosed up his hole nothing could prepare Scott [or you] to have that massive cock plunged into you in one seamless motion. Scott’s eyes start to water, he breaths fast and shallow. He grimaces and grins until he finally lets himself go and starts enjoying the ride of his life. Lucio pleasures himself with Scott; taking him for the back, the side and the front, until he explodes on Scott’s face and mouth; a mouth eager to taste every last drop of cum the latin hunk has to offer. So big is his hunger for cum that Lucio scoops up Scott’s own cum, shot on his chiselled abs, and feeds it back to the very hungry power bottom

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This handsome, muscular daddy takes a shower and gets a hard-on. His gay twink friend joins him and can only kneel before him, his young ass stretched out. Daddy's powerful hands guide his mouth to welcome the cock deep inside. Then they grab the little ass to penetrate it with force. Nothing beats some great anal sex in the morning.

Man I want your ass all the time

Ben Brown (AKA Spanner) is in for a rough ride as bodybuilder Randy Jones gets naked with him. Hairy young cub Spanner (Ben Brown) can’t seemingly get enough of sucking super muscled Randy’s enormous cock!! That is until Randy flips him over and fucks the hell out of him.  Ben pants and groans as the very vocal Randy calls Ben “his bitch”, “his Boy” and “Just his”.  Both guys can't hold back too long and Randy cums all over Ben's beard before Ben shoots his own load, over his hairy belly!!!

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He's up, he's got a hell of a boner and he needs his buddy to give him his ass and fuck a hole good. He wakes up his buddy so he can cum. The guy is a handsome manly shaved head. After some good blowjobs, the buddy gives his ass and lets himself get fucked hard so his buddy can expel his cum and have a good day.

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He finds his straight buddy jerking off in front of a porn and gets him horny to bring him to try his smooth gay bottom holes. The straight guy is not the type to refuse a good blowjob and lets himself be tempted. He discovers the gay pleasures and also that his friend is a real bitch in bed who seriously gobbles up the cock with his mouth and his ass. A treat to file for this athletic and cum-filled stud.

Bend your ass for Austin

Austin Wolf works for the day in a garage and inevitably his assistant is going to end up as his slave. Austin arrives and naturally the young guy gives his ass. That's how it goes with the giant top. Proud of his assistant who understood well who he had in front of him, Master Wolf puts his hands on his face to make him his new sex toy and lead him in an unforgettable muscular fuck.


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This old man is going to get a hard-on like never before: 2 muscular, bearded and hairy guys start fucking in front of him! Muscle and big cock in action, pure voyeuristic pleasure. The guys suck each other off, do a 69 before the most muscular of the two ends up giving his good man's ass to get pounded.