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Business-suited Trenton Ducati was abducted on the street in broad daylight and tossed into a dark cell with a glowing monitor. Who knows how long he's been pent up there, force fed gay porn? He is bewildered and mesmerized by what he sees on this monitor: men having wild uninhibited sex. His libido has reached its breaking point. He must have a taste of what he's seeing on this monitor 24/7. The desire is getting into his head. Are the five anonymous cocks that enter his cell and orally gangbang him real or are they figments of his manic, sexual imagination? (the monster cocks belong to their unseen owners: Josh West, Adam Killian, Tommy Defendi, Angel Rock and Luke Milan) Are the loads of these massive dicks real or just a fantasy to relieve and release? No matter if this facial bukkake happens or not, Trenton's dazed state ends with his face covered with five loads, and him finally releasing a huge load of his own.

Tommy Defendi is relieving himself in a bucket. Jimmy Fanz, peering out behind a dirty shower curtain, can't take his eyes off that humongous cock. He slowly crawls towards Tommy, his lips ready to capture the last drops. Tommy's dick grows bigger and harder in Jimmy's mouth and the veins throb. Tommy growls as his cock sinks deeper into Jimmy's determined throat. Jimmy sucks Tommy's balls, nearly the size of his fist, and slaps his face with Tommy's cock. He looks up for approval while running his lips along the length of Tommy's wet shaft.

Topher, the super hot bearded stud is about to own another passive dude. No one ca resist his looks, charm and beautiful cock! Cum in and see what I'm talking about!

There are guys who are cute and sexy. So cute that you can't wait to fuck their holes and make them moan. The cute bearded dude is one of them and Tommy Defendi wants his ass now!

Adam Rams and Tommy Defendi go fishing. After a few hours the two sexy males return to their country cabin empty handed...Tommy is determined to make a catch...He's got his mind on Adam's ass!

It's a battle of wills between inmates and the long arm of the law during a heated Jailbreak, where prisoners and officers alike are in hot pursuit. Witness TitanMen exclusives Jesse Jackman, Hunter Marx and Eric Nero exert their authority with some unlawful entries. Corrections officer Hunter Marx wants to get a piece of prisoner Drake Jaden, the two sucking each other's big dicks before Drake takes it deep as the chemistry between the two explodes. Hiding out during the escape, Tommy Defendi stumbles upon fellow inmate Brendan Patrick'who opens wide to engulf the stud's monster in both of his holes. After breaking free, Eric Nero gets caught by armed officer Jesse Jackman'who swaps sucks with the hung bad boy before owning his ass.

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