Spencer Williams

Spencer Williams

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Published: 2019-03-09

Spencer Williams gets a call from his wife while he's away on a road trip for work. Despite what he tells his wife, he can't be too lonely with Alexsander Freitas gagging on his cock! The tattooed stud gets into a zealous sixty-nine before he fucks the hell out of Spencer's ass. Fingerbanging, face down fucking, and a creamy cumshot all over Spencer's hole. Road trips are rough.

Published: 2018-08-25

He might be getting married soon, but Spencer is using the excuse of "what happens in Vegas..." to get some cock before he's consigned to a lifetime of heterosexuality. Casey is more than happy to give him what he needs, of course, swapping their dicks in some delicious sucking and then pounding his hot ass and making him cum. Spencer gets a hot splashing by the end!

Published: 2018-04-10

Like many married men, Spencer has been enjoying some action on the side, going to Vegas to get some cock action with other dudes. Things are finally coming to a head though, and Dominic is on hand to cushion the blow, with his mouth, his big uncut dick and that incredible lust for ass. Spencer gets a great fuck, making him feel much better by the time both have splashed out their cum shots!

A cute Asian employee walks into his boss's office to show him pictures that could compromise his reputation. The young office worker doesn't want any money or favours...He tells his boss he wants to be able to fuck him anytime he wants, starting right now!


A young Asian is an intern in a small company where his boss uses him like a slave. Today he's even trying to get him to suck his big cock...The boy is reluctant but he has no choice. Once he gets a taste, he feels a strange need to take it up his smooth muscled ass too...