Hungry Holes - Butch Dixon
Time: 113 minutes
Butch Dixon's hairy muscle men and daddies offer their horny holes and cock hungry mouths for servicing duty
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Appearances can be deceptive. It is the case with Alex, a huge gay guy who looks dominant and mean. Everybody thinks he's a top! The reality is different though. Alex loves to be dominated. He happily gives his holes to any other muscle dudes who will take pleader in using him. His true nature comes out in front of a huge dick! Check him out!

A hot young soldier is disorderly, arrogant, fights with his comrades and always ends up in trouble. Today the sergeant decides to meet him in private. He's gonna give him one last chance to obey. The young stud is tough but the sergeant has broken many other rebels like him. His big black cock is gonna shut him up once and for all. Once he's done with him, he will beg him to fuck his ass again!

A sexy bearded slave awaits his master. Dressed in rubber with his big ass showing, he knows today is about giving his hole as best as he can. The master's cock is big and he's planning on using an even bigger toy on him. It's gonna take a little bit of preparation before he can take it all!

He's got a beard, pierced ears, a prince Albert on his cock, wearing leathers and boots. He's playing with his favourite toy, a huge dildo. The horny fucker loves to shove a huge one up his ass, nothing makes him hornier!

Gerard is 50 and he's clearly a hot daddy. He is used to taking control and dominating the dude in front of him. Whoever meet him usually fall on their knees to worship his big fat dick. The hot bearded stud he is mouth-fucking right now is different. Older dominant dudes like Gerard, make him really wanna fuck them! Check this out!

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