Ram It Raw - Butch Dixon
Time: 118 minutes
Some burly lads and big raw cocks, fucking ?skin-on-skin? nothing feels as good as a raw dick, as these lads know. They love the feel of hot, raw, man meat inside them and the feel of gooey hot cum up their holes. Ben Statham takes on two massive dicks, while BJ and Vladi take it in turns to flip-flop fuck and Rocco takes a pounding from his boyfriend Thierry. Michael and Makavale are real life loves too and fuck up a hot, condom-free-frenzy, before jizzing all over the floor
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Very tall and muscular, the black stud in this video is very desirable. Two other muscular dudes have the pleasure to taste his cock and feel its power inside their holes. The two are going black and it's gonna be hard to go back!

A young shop keeper spots a gorgeous mixed-race dude trying to still a book. He's quick to lock the door and to confront him. A quick cheeky search and he finds out the thief feels very hung. Forget about calling the police. Right now he wants a taste of the beautiful boy's cock...

They are both part of a rock band. One is a guitarist, t he other plays the drums. The other members of the group have left. Their girlfriends are not around and they feel quite horny. The two have had bisexual experiences before but never fucked each other but they've been thinking about it a lot! Right now they want the same thing: some raw cock action!

Max is a good guy, a strong worker who does his job well. Recently he's been underperforming. His job is not the problem. He still loves doing what he does. The issue is with his colleague, a steaming-hot Lebanese dude. Max cannot take his eyes off him, he's got only one thing in mind at the moment: sex. He wants his coworker's cock so bad, he left him a message on the wall... Check this out!

Age is just a number. Two older guys have rediscovered the pleasure of sex in their 50's. Both divorcees, they got together and never looked back. The two masculine men know what they like: fucking. Their bodies have no secret for each other, every hole is used and pleasured...

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