Berlin : Raw to the Bone

- Durée: 122 min

Director Oskur Garcia makes a cum-filled debut offering up a gritty look at the sex lives of Berlin's hottest and dirtiest pigs. Raw to the Bone opens with a no-holds-barred sex scene featuring Ivan and Simon; two hot uncut fuckers, a couple of toys and an iphone...That's right shoving anything in sight up Simon's eager hole. Cristo and Arno take a cab ride through the city, groping each other in the back seat before arriving at their destination and rimming, sucking and fucking till loads explode. Arkaitz and Michael find a nice, dark alley and armed with a phone light, give us a taste of the raw, uninhibited pounding Michael is about to take. When they move it into the living room, they worship each other's thick cocks before Arkaitz preps his nasty bottom for another smashing. Chris shaves his uncut cock bare before jerking off fantaszing about ravagin his neighbor Arno Serban's hole. Cristo is ready for action as he waits by his window, searching for another top to please when he sees Xavi. The next thing you know, Cristo is sucking on Xavi's cock and playing with his massive precum string and taking his big, raw dick up the ass. David and Ivan climb up to a building rooftop for a fresh air suck and flip-flop fuck session. Ivan is on his knees in seconds, sucking cock, before turning David around and ravaging his ass. David gets a piece of the anal rampage and fucking the daylights out of Ivan and both shooting massive loads all over each other. Berlin: Raw to the Bone is 6 hot, sordid scenes. 9 German Studs and over almost two hours of raw fucking.

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