The urge pound that butt

Time: 24 min

Horned up Jason Maddox is on the hunt when he notices leather­stud Nick Sterling wandering aimlessly in the sex club. Nick strokes, inviting Jason over to grab a handful of his succulent ass. After being roughed up by Jason, Nick buries his scruffy face into Jason's bulge and takes a few deep sniffs before fishing his thick cock out with his talented mouth. Locking Jason's cock in handcuffs, Nick slaps Jason's rod making Jason slap him back. Nick gets on his back and gives Jason's throat an oral pounding. The heat rises as Nick bends over and Jason eats his firm, round ass in a rough and dominating manner. With the handcuffs still gripped around his throbbing cock, Jason eases his meat deep into Nick's hungry asshole. Starting off slow and steady, they quickly pick up the pace and Jason pounds Nick rough and hard holding him down by the back of his harness. Nick lays on his back and the chains on the cuffs rattle on between Jason's balls and Nick's ass as he pumps in and out of Nick's hole.

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