A real beast arrives to Hardkinks! Jessy Ares has come to leave no Sub without a good fuck. If you're into rude masters, Jessy is exactly what you look for. A real alpha-male!
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Published: 2019-04-13

In the army, these two soldiers do not stop to oppose. A real cock fight to know who is the best and the strongest. The strongest will fuck the ass of the weak.

Published: 2018-10-04

Jessy is the new alpha male in the office. Today he wants to dominate his boss and put him in his place: at his feet. Tons of worship, blowjob, and fucking as if he were a simple inflatable doll.

Jesse is an Alpha male looking for a submissive to creak fucking him like a true beast. Get ready for the frantic roar, a sex session between Alpha pigs full of testosterone and sweat.

3 Alpha Masters and a dog slave to satisfy all their wishes. Tied to a pillar and serving as their human hole to receive their male loads again and again. Time to serve and obey has come. This bitch is mercilesly fucked by 3 masters. All of them will fuck her hole, and force the bitch to suck their dicks. Muscled bodies and big dicks.